Components for Borland Delphi

TLTextDiff: Component for Borland Delphi.

This component computes the difference between two texts using standard sequential and/or over-all optimization algorithms. The optimization process is done by a branch and bound method. Optionally you can specify the items to compare: Lines, Words or Letters or recursively from top to down (e.g. Lines->Words->Letters). In each level you can specify the algorithm you want. The result of the computation is stored in a TStringList object. The component has a built-in procedure for HTML generation of the result. Due to the easy to understand format of the result list other formats can be generated very easily.

This component has been developped in Teneriffa/Spain in September 2001 using Delphi 5 professional. The reason for me to implement it was to get a good difference component for use in my own projects in the future. All implemented algorithms are designed optimized.directly without third party products and using pure Pascal code. You can read here a short description of the algorithms and examples.

You can use the component in your own projects but you have to register it for governmental or commercial use. If you register it you will get also the full source code. Click here for more details.

Click here to download the shareware component for Delphi 5/6 (, 370 KB)


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